Monday, December 1, 2008

Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Album: Axis : Bold As Love
Song: Little Wings
Year : 1967

Well she's walking through the clouds
With a circus mind that's running round
Butterflies and zebras

And moonbeams the fairy tales
That's all she ever thinks about
Riding with the wind

When I'm sad, she comes to me
With a thousand smiles, she gives to me free

It's alright she says it's alright
Take anything you want from me, Anything

Fly on little wing
Yeah yeah, yeah, little wing


Yeah!!!.. the hounted song!!, this song crafted by one of my idol , Jimi Hendrix
All emotions is in here...huhuhu..feel freedom....
I saw a musician get hounted by this song, he played the chourus part like
crazy and he din't realize that he is the backup musician in the
Eric Clapton(another my great idol) concert..huhuh. The best version for this song is
when three legendary guitar player (Yngwei Malmsteen, Joe Satriani and
steve Vai) tribute this song, really unbeliveable.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

There There(The Boney King of Nowhere)

Artist: Radiohead
Album: Hail To The Thief
Song: There There(The Boney King of Nowhere)
Year : 2003

In pitch dark
I go walking in your landscape
Broken branches trip me as I speak

Just cos you feel it doesn't mean it's there

There's always a siren singing
you to shipwreck (don't reach out)
Stay away from these rocks
we'd be a walking disaster (don't reach out)

Just cos you feel it
doesn't mean it's there (there's someone on your shoulder )

There there...Why so green And lonely

Heaven sent you To me
We are accidents waiting
Waiting to happen


I'm big fans of Radiohead..:-) this is one of
my favourite song in this album
This song told us about hope and the

human instinct as the hidden power of human.
With the amazing music arrangment on this song,
it' will bring some feeling of uncertainess about who you are?
and thats what make the massage clear enough.

Everybody by Richard Ashcroft

Artist : Richard Ashcroft
Album : Alone With Everybody
Song : Everybody
Years : 1999

Cool morning
I was looking out it was a cold day
Songbird was drinking from a table
But songbird you just flew away

Everybody's gotta feel the weight of death sometime
And find out what it's like to be left behind
Sometimes you don't get a chance to ask where or why

So let it break the magic beauty of your fragile mind

It's not a sign of weakness
When you're searching for the places
where the memories flow
There may come a time when you rearrange
and may leave those memories
You've gotta let them go

Stay strong
Move on Keep on

Everybody is the theme song for this album and this
blog(Song's Review)...huhuhuh. This the first album
that come out after Richard Ashcroft left
his band, The Verve.
With the motivated lyric it's motivate me
to producethis blog :-).
Trust me, this album is really great with the
other great songlike "A song For Lovers" and
"You On My Mind In My Sleep".